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Encouraging residents to spring clean their journey

  • Date: 28/02/20

We are asking people across south Essex to swap their car for a different way of travelling in March as part of our ‘Spring Clean Your Journey’ challenge. Launching next month, the travel challenge gives residents the opportunity to win a £250 prize for completing just one journey on a bus, train, bike or on […]

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How the ForwardMotion Mobile Cycle Hub is serving South Essex

  • Date: 24/01/20

By Paul Coulson, Cycle Hub Manager, ForwardMotion Three of the most common questions I am asked as manager of ForwardMotion’s Mobile Cycle Hub are: what is it, what do you do and can I have two teas, please? I will quickly make it quite clear we’re not a refreshments van (we would probably do a […]

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More exercise tops list of 2020 New Year resolutions

  • Date: 07/01/20

More exercise tops list of 2020 New Year resolutions, as eco-friendly goals fall by the wayside. Research by ForwardMotion reveals that the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2020 are to exercise more and eat more healthily, selected by 57% and 54% of people planning to make New Year resolutions. The survey, conducted by YouGov, […]

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Festive Travel challenge congratulations

  • Date: 20/12/19

A huge thank you to everyone who has either taken part in or helped to promote our Festive Travel challenge this month. It has been a hugely successful challenge. Over 50 organisations have encouraged their employees, trainees or students to sign up to the challenge, and more than 40 people have swapped a car journey […]

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ForwardMotion calls on south Essex residents to take part in Festive Travel Challenge

  • Date: 28/11/19

On Monday, 2 December, we are launching a festive travel challenge to encourage people to try travelling by public transport throughout December. Residents from South Essex could win a £250 prize for completing just one journey on a bus or train which they would have normally travelled by car. To take part, swap one journey […]

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ForwardMotion campaign continues to promote bike travel in south Essex

  • Date: 28/11/19

After officially launching our ‘This Is What A Cyclist Looks Like’ campaign at Landor Links’ Cycle County Active County conference in September, we have continued to roll out our campaign at various outreach events across south Essex. The campaign aims to challenge people’s perceptions of what a ‘real’ cyclist looks like. We created the campaign […]

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Small grants scheme helps fund Kinetika’s T100 Walking Festival

  • Date: 17/10/19

In July 2019, our small grants scheme helped outdoor arts company Kinetika expand their T100 Walking Festival into Southend-on-Sea. Kinetika’s festival comprised of a series of walks across Thurrock, along the Thames Estuary in to Canvey, Southend-on-Sea and over to the Isle of Sheppey and along the North Coast in Kent. ForwardMotion funded the Southend-on-Sea […]

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ForwardMotion travel roadshows hit south Essex

  • Date: 17/10/19

Head over to Southend-on-Sea, Grays and Basildon town centres this month for the chance to watch wheeled sports stunt riders, race your family and friends in a static bike race and receive free, bespoke advice about how to travel differently around south Essex. ForwardMotion’s travel roadshows will be coming to Southend-on-Sea on 26 October, Grays […]

Cycle Hubs Christmas Club

  • Date: 16/10/19

You can now save for a new bike with ForwardMotion Cycle Hubs Christmas club. Joining the Christmas club can take the stress out of buying a new bike for Christmas. You can join the Christmas club by putting down a minimum 10% deposit on a new bike or a £10 deposit on a recycled bike. […]

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ForwardMotion cycling campaign rolls into action

  • Date: 11/09/19

ForwardMotion launched its ‘This Is What A Cyclist Looks Like’ campaign last week. The campaign aims to challenge people’s perceptions of what a ‘real’ cyclist looks like and encourage more people to start travelling by bike around south Essex. The campaign was officially launched at the Cycle County Active County event, which took place at […]

Travel Update

Road disruptions planned across south Essex

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