Get Your #FakeCommute on with ForwardMotion!

Published: 01/02/21


ForwardMotion is introducing a brand new campaign designed to get those working from home in South Essex more active throughout the day.

Home working has resulted in most of us slipping out of our daily routines, finding ourselves sat at a desk with hardly any physical movement all day. ForwardMotion would like to disrupt that monotony by introducing a #FakeCommute into your work-day routine. Over the next few weeks, ForwardMotion will be sharing ways to get motivated on chilly days, plus places to explore on your fake commute throughout South Essex.

This could be before you start work as a refreshing way to start the day, at lunchtime for a well-deserved change of scene, or to unwind after a busy day (or perhaps if you’re feeling really motivated, all three!) Whenever your fake commute takes place, ForwardMotion encourages you to walk or cycle in your local area to get your brain and body moving.

Why Adding a 'Fake Commute' to Your WFH Schedule Could Help You Unwind

It’s no secret that physical activity improves brain cognition, which means that even going out for a short walk after a stressful day of spreadsheet work will improve your ability to remember and process information. Cycling for just thirty minutes has also been shown to improve memory, reasoning, and planning by 20%. Riding a bike is also great for improving your ability to focus and your attention span, which could help you concentrate for longer on team meetings without getting distracted.

You don’t have to take your usual commuting time or usual commuting route. From as little as 30 minutes a day walking or cycling locally, you can improve your health and wellbeing massively. Or if 30 minutes even feels like too much in the cold weather, start small and work up to it. Any movement is better than no movement at all!

To take part in this free initiative, take a selfie and share the views on your fake commute, tagging ForwardMotion and using the hashtag #FakeCommute. Some of the ForwardMotion Team have already shared theirs, so head over to our Instagram to get inspired, get involved and get your #FakeCommute on today!

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