Basildon’s Air Quality Project

Published: 16/11/20


Essex County Council and Basildon Borough Council have been investigating a series of potential options to see what can lower the roadside air quality of East Mayne, Basildon.

 Air Quality is a very important factor when it comes to public health. Bad air quality can cause issues starting at coughing and itchy eyes, to serious problems like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and even premature death.

ForwardMotion is excited to announce that Essex County Council has now identified a pedestrian and cyclist crossing on East Mayne to begin works on. This scheme will reduce people’s exposure to poor air quality by redirecting pedestrians and cyclists away from the central reservation, which will provide an alternative route along the west side of East Mayne.

This new scheme is expected to void the need for a charging zone which would have seen drivers of certain more polluting vehicles charged for driving within this designated zone. It will also complement other projects and initiatives that encourage safer, greener and healthier travel across Basildon.

Essex County Council would like to hear your views on air quality in Basildon, to help inform and monitor their work in the area. Take the online survey: The deadline for responses is Sunday, 13 December 2020.

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