Walking is a healthy and extremely cheap (free) way of getting around, allowing you to take control of your journey. You can integrate walking into your journey even just for part of the way – getting off the bus a few stops early or walking to the train station are easy ways to travel actively. By walking, you can also change your route to take in more of the green space and local parks around you, instead of being stuck in a traffic jam.

Get more walking inspiration from Living Streets, Simply Stride and Sustrans.


Walking programmes

We can arrange fun and interactive walking workshops to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Our free walking workshops, delivered by Simply Stride, will show you how walking can energise you, boost your mood and help manage any pain. These benefits can directly enhance your work performance, but there is no need to limit yourself to just walking to work. With no equipment and little planning, you can incorporate walking into every day by using your feet to run those last-minute errands or get about town.

If you’d like us to arrange a walking workshop, get in touch:

Phone: 01702 212088
Email: hello@forwardmotionsouthessex.co.uk

Walking for students

For students, walking to school or college is an easy way to boost your mood and brain power. Importantly, once you know how long it takes to walk somewhere there’s little chance of your journey taking longer than you planned, so you’ll never be late to class again!

Travel Update

Road disruptions planned across south Essex

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