#FakeCommuting in Essex

Published: 09/02/21


As the snow arrives throughout South Essex, so does the next leg of ForwardMotion’s #FakeCommute campaign. If you’re new to the campaign, ForwardMotion is encouraging workers-from-home to start up a new fake commute, from home to home. The goal is to help people that are stuck inside due to the effects of COVID-19 to get back into an active routine, to benefit physical and mental wellbeing. You can find out more about the campaign here.

Working with Essex County Council, ForwardMotion is supporting the Paths to Prosperity project, which promotes the various scenic coastal paths around the county. Within South Essex lies a wonderful stretch of coastal path that is a part of the project, available in walking distance of many Canvey Island residents. The Canvey sea wall is a huge 14 miles long and perfect for a brisk morning walk or a peaceful evening stroll, especially come high tide when the soft crashing of the waves can be heard.
You can also enjoy the coastal path via bike, with cycle paths clearly mapped out along the route. The sea wall path joins into central Canvey Island, where you can pass some picturesque public parks and neighbourhoods. For more inspiration to take your #FakeCommute along the Canvey Island coastline, head to https://www.visitessex.com/coastal-path/destinations/castle-point-district-coast  

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However, the coastal paths and scenic walks of Essex aren’t just for those who are employed from home. ForwardMotion and Active Essex are also encouraging students and their parents to reactivate the school commute as part of ForwardMotion’s #FakeCommute campaign. You can take part before or after home-schooling times, and have the option of completing your normal school run route or a completely new one with your family. Most of us have found we’ve slipped out of a healthy routine, so it’s a great way to get your brain and body moving, plus you’ll find you will become more productive throughout the day as a result.
For more ideas on ways to keep active visit: www.activeessex.org

 To get involved, get your shoes and coat on, head out on your #FakeCommute and tag ForwardMotion in the photos you upload to social media. Your pictures could inspire others to get active with their families too! The #FakeCommute campaign aims to include as many residents of South Essex as possible, so share this to a friend and get involved. Your brain and body will thank you for it.

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