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We’re on our way!

ForwardMotion is a campaign that aims to help employees, jobseekers and students access jobs and education and training opportunities in south Essex by providing targeted travel advice and active travel incentives. ForwardMotion is a collaboration between Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Thurrock Council and Essex County Council.

We’ll be updating the website with more travel ideas, information and advice over the coming months. Please sign up below to stay up-to-date, and follow us on social media: ForwardMotion Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. In the meantime, head over to for ideas to help you think differently about how you travel.

The evolution of Ideas in Motion

ForwardMotion is related to the Ideas in Motion campaign. This has been working to reduce the number of cars in Southend-on-Sea and help make travelling in and around the town easier, cheaper and healthier for the past six years.

Whether you’re based in Southend or elsewhere in south Essex, the Ideas in Motion website has loads of great ideas and information to help you think differently about how you travel. So, while you’re waiting for ForwardMotion to officially launch, why not check it out? You can also follow Ideas in Motion on social media: IiM Twitter and IiM Facebook.