Gordon Maxwell’s journey with ForwardMotion


Gordon’s journey with ForwardMotion began at this year’s long-awaited return of the Tweed Ride

Gordon and his son Maurice in Tweed attire

Gordon and his son Maurice at the Tweed Ride

back in June. Along with his son, Gordon joined the peloton of cyclists dressed to impress on their route around the city, finishing at the new-for-’22 Active Travel Festival. Upon finishing the ride, Gordon’s son Maurice’s bike chain had come off, so they decided to visit ForwardMotion’s mobile hub for some help.

Our senior bike mechanic Caroline helped to fix the chain and formally introduced Gordon and Maurice to the ForwardMotion initiative. Since then, Gordon has visited the mobile hub multiple times in various locations and loves how accessible it has been to receive bike services, saying: “I live in Southend-on-Sea but work in Thurrock, so it’s been really easy to be able to pop in to see Caroline and the team for some bike advice or improvements to my bike.”

“The Tweed Ride was great fun, and since then it’s been great to visit the hub and have our bikes professionally looked at to help us ride more as a family. It’s amazing how much difference it has made to our rides now that our bikes work properly, and we’re all definitely riding more as a result! My son is now riding 11 miles a day to school and back, and has found a real love for fitness – he’s lost over 1.5 stone!”

When asked whether Gordon would recommend ForwardMotion to a friend, he replied, “Oh absolutely, I have already been recommending ForwardMotion left, right and centre! It has honestly made such a difference and they’ve got lots of great events and things to get involved with. And the services that they provide for avid riders such as myself and my family are brilliant for improving your bike and keeping it in good shape.”

On plans for the future, Gordon said his family plan to cycle more both for leisure and commuting where possible, adding: “I am buying my daughter Scarlett a new bike for her birthday and will definitely take to ForwardMotion to check it over. We’ll be looking out for more events in the future such as the Tweed Ride and the Thurrock Treasure Hunt Ride and can’t wait to take part. We’re following the Facebook pages eagerly waiting to see what’s next on the calendar.”

To keep updated with the latest news, events and services ForwardMotion offers, follow our Facebook pages or check back on the website for more.

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