Ticket off: start your to-do list on public transport


Take your hands off the wheel and take back control

Travelling to and from work by bus or train gives us a bit of free time either side of the working day. If you want to, you can spend this time daydreaming or generally twiddling your thumbs, but you could also use it to get stuff done.

For those of us with busy lives, every minute counts, and we’re already making a mental list of the day’s tasks on the train or bus into work. Why not give your brain a break and make an actual list that you can tick off once the day is done? Whether it’s to send your boss that email, by a new pair of shoes or pick up the dry cleaning, making a list before you get to work can keep you organised– all before you’ve reached the office.

To-do lists are also a good way to manage stress. On your way home, don’t forget to check what you’ve done and mark it off. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving yourself a great big tick. (It’s okay to admit that you sometimes add things you’ve already done just to have the pleasure of ticking them off!)

So, tick it off on the way to work today: get your to-do list done before you arrive at the office and mark what you’ve done after a hard day’s work.

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