Cycle Training is Back!

Published: 05/03/21


Adult training sessions

We will be able to start delivering our one-to-one adult cycle training again from the 8th March!

Bikability levels 1-3 and all Plus modules will take place in schools and all other Core and Plus modules can take place outside of a school setting on a one – to -one basis.

Family Bikeability Sessions

Family sessions will be running from the 29th March, we will offer two sessions lasting between one and two hours each, equalling three hours in total per family.

Bikeability Family provides a tailored training package to help people living in the same household cycle together. It begins with an assessment of each households’ specific cycling goals and current cycling ability (carried out by an instructor), accompanied by online preparation, including route planning before off-road cycle training commences.

This is followed by on-road cycle training and may be further supplemented by post-training self-assessment and mentoring. Practice between training sessions, and pre/post-training self-assessment validated by instructor assessment, will help to secure the householders’ cycling skills and confidence. By the end of the module, at least one adult householder should have demonstrated National Standard assessment criteria to least to Bikeability Level 2. They should be able to plan group rides and help others develop their cycling skills and confidence. Riders must be able to cycle (i.e. Set off, pedal, slow down and stop) prior to training, and this course is more effective if at least one adult householder has completed the Adult Cycle Training module.

For more information on these sessions, please email us

Or go to the bikeability website 

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