ForwardMotion joins the Energy Savings Trust’s Bike Repair Voucher Scheme

Published: 31/07/20


ForwardMotion Cycle Hubs have been carrying out repairs and maintenance work on bikes for just over a year now, helping many residents across South Essex to get back on the saddle. Now, as part of a new national obesity strategy, the government have teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to offer £50 ‘Fix Your Bike’ vouchers across the country. This week, ForwardMotion became an approved repair shop for the scheme, meaning you can use your repair scheme voucher with us at one of our Cycle Hubs.

The government hope that this will encourage as many people as possible to dust off their old bikes and get them road-ready for a more active commute to work, training or place of education. The decision comes as the UK gradually begins to exit the national lockdown and returning to public spaces, such as offices and shops. After weeks of low-activity due to staying at home more than usual, Public Health England aims to get people moving more to fight the risks of catching COVID-19.

The Department for Transport has also been championing cycling commutes for environmental reasons. With fewer people using public transport due to social distancing guidelines, plus car traffic expected to rise as employees return to work, air quality is predicted to suffer as a result. ForwardMotion is advising the public to beat the traffic where they can by cycling or walking as part of their regular commute to help combat air pollution and public ill-health.

The Fix Your Bike voucher has proved to be widely popular, with so many people signing up during its launch that the official Fix Your Bike site temporarily crashed due to overloaded servers, with Twitter users joking that this was one of the few times cyclists would be affected by traffic. The first batch of vouchers have already been allocated and the Energy Savings Trust will be staggering further allocations to reduce waiting times with repair shops across the UK.

ForwardMotion’s Cycle Hubs are now accepting Fix Your Bike vouchers, so don’t delay in dropping us a message and booking your bike in. As stated, there will be further voucher allocations coming soon from the scheme, so make sure you sign up to claim yours by visiting their website:

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