Businesses encouraged to install free bike hangars

Published: 10/10/19


ForwardMotion is encouraging businesses in south Essex to install bike hangars for their employees, to help them travel to work more sustainably. The ParkThatBike scheme is part of our wider campaign to get more people out of their cars and using bicycles, walking or public transport.

The lockable bike hangars provide weatherproof, secure storage for four cycles and there are six bike hangars still available. The bike hangar storage unit, worth £2,900, is provided free of charge. Companies pay only a £300 delivery and installation fee. Ordinary bike stands are also available for free with companies asked only to arrange installation themselves. ParkThatBike provides instructions for installing the bike stands.

Cllr Ron Woodley, chair of the South Essex Active Travel Sponsoring Board, said: “I think this is a great initiative to encourage local businesses to in turn, encourage their workforce to think of alternative and more sustainable transport methods. I would urge businesses to consider these for their properties to help promote sustainability and enhance the health and wellbeing of their staff.”

Neil Blewitt, is Managing Director of Cantel Medical (UK) in Shoeburyness, who have already had a bike hangar installed. He said: “Cantel is dedicated to improving employee health and wellbeing. Having a bike hangar installed on-site is a positive step in our plans. Thank you to ForwardMotion and ParkThatBike for this fantastic scheme.”

You can apply for a bike hangar or bike stands on behalf of your business, by phoning 01594 564 344 or online at


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