Trust Links


Trust Links is an independent charity for wellbeing and mental health based in south Essex. They offer therapeutic gardening, recovery classes, social activities, employment training and support to people living with mental health conditions and unpaid carers. They are committed to building stronger communities and promoting sustainable living.

They applied to ForwardMotion’s small grant scheme for help establishing an electric bike pool for staff and volunteers, to use for transport between sites and for meetings and visits. As travelling between sites could be in excess of 7.5 miles each way, and take more than 50 minutes by bus, an electric bike can cut journey time to 30 minutes. As a result, staff and volunteers are able to dedicate more time to the vulnerable individuals they support.

In 2019, ForwardMotion awarded Trust Links £20,000 for the provision of six electric bikes, two trailers and the building of a bike shelter. This has meant staff and volunteers are easily able to travel between their centres in the area.

“It’s such a positive thing to have at Trust Links. You can go site-to-site without a car or worrying about parking, and it’s really fun.” – Sarah REACH Student Support

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