Re-cycling with sculptor Nik Ramage

Published: 19/06/19


NIk Ramage workshopAs part of our involvement with the Village Green Festival, ForwardMotion and Metal invited sculptor Nik Ramage to work with a group of students to create an interactive, moving sculpture crafted from recycled bicycles.

During a weeklong series of workshops, Nik worked with a group of students, including students from South Essex College, to explore the interaction between motion, sustainable travel and main and machine’s close relationship. Nik forged these ideas into a truly original, one-off sculpture that will be showcased at the ForwardMotion stage at the Village Green Festival.

By walking, drawing and printing, Nik and workshop attendees explored creative ways in which Nik could make imaginative alternations to bikes. No part was to be spared, with pedals, wheels and frames all offering alternative design ideas. The design brief had just one requirement: the final sculpture must be interactive. So get down to Village Green on Saturday, 13 July and keep an eye out for Nik’s work in the ForwardMotion Village.

“The experience was engaging, innovative, thought-provoking and fun. It has left a lasting impression and I am very happy that I participated and grateful to have had the opportunity to take part.” Velda Pond, workshop participant.

Nik’s work focuses on taking formerly utilitarian objects, and abandoned and broken things and creating from them absurd and useless but playful and provocative works that amuse and engage the viewer. He re-purposes everyday items and puts them to alternative uses. His work can be seen on Instagram and on his website

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