ForwardMotion Calls on Organisations to Encourage Employees to ‘Trial A Mile’

Published: 06/06/19


Businesses and organisations across the south Essex region are being called on to encourage their employees, trainees and students to get on their bikes as part of Bike Week 2019, from the 8th to the 16th June. ForwardMotion is encouraging people to ‘Trial a Mile’ and travel just one mile of their journey to work, education or training by bike.

“It’s not difficult to make a small but significant change to the way we travel.”

Organisations are being called to action following the publication of the Committee on Climate Change’s report last month, which highlighted that choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport instead of a car can play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of individuals. This is particularly significant for South Essex, where areas along the A127 road regularly exceed air quality thresholds for nitrogen dioxide.

A spokesperson for ForwardMotion comments:

“We’ve been working with businesses and organisations across south Essex for the past couple of years, providing everything from cycle training to free bus and train passes. Our aim is to help as many people across the region feel as comfortable with cycling, walking and taking public transport as they feel with jumping in the car every morning. But we can’t do this alone.

“That’s why our Trial a Mile campaign is encouraging local employers, training organisations and schools and colleges to get people to cycle just one mile of their regular journey. We all know that travelling by car can have a negative impact on our health, our wallets and the environment so we’re hoping that by trialling a mile, people will be able to experience a different way of travelling, and realise that it’s not difficult to make a small but significant change to the way we travel.”

To help individuals to trial a mile by bike, ForwardMotion will be hosting a series of activities throughout Bike Week. The week’s activities will culminate in a community bike ride, on Thursday 13th June, meeting at Leigh Railway Station ready to start the ride at 7.15pm.

ForwardMotion’s Mobile Cycle Hub will be out and about across the south Essex region. It will be appearing at Southend High Street on Thursday 13 June.

Any organisations or individuals interested in taking part in Trial a Mile should get in touch by emailing:


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