Personal Travel Plans

Travelling is a personal experience; no one makes the exact same journeys as you do. ForwardMotion can provide you with guidance that is expertly tailored to you and your regular journeys.

If you are stuck in a travel rut, repeating the same journey in the same way every day, ForwardMotion is here to help. With a Personal Travel Plan, our experts can provide advice on the best way for you to get to work, training or education as actively and healthily as possible.

We can work with you to create a Personal Travel Plan, highlighting different ways you could make your daily journey and the potential benefits of travelling differently – whether that’s saving money, getting home quicker, or becoming healthier.

It’s easy to get a Personal Travel Plan. Just enter your journey details below and we’ll get back to you with suggestions of the different ways you could travel.


Attend a PTP event

Velo Essex – Active Essex Foundation

We are delighted to inform you that Velo Essex will be taking place on 20th September 2020. This will be the biggest mass participation closed road cycle race Essex has ever seen! There will be 50 and 100 mile options as well as a family ride too. We are aiming for 15,000 participants, all of […]

  • Date: 19/09/20
  • Location: Essex

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Success Story: Healthcare professional switches to a bike for short journeys

In September 2019, ForwardMotion helped Ann Hepworth, a healthcare worker from Southend-on-Sea, change her travel behaviour. Ann  saw an advert for ForwardMotion’s bike loan scheme  at a bus stop on Southend seafront, and found the ‘try before you buy’ concept of our bike hire scheme appealing. Ann commented: “I had been wanting to get back […]

Travel Update

Road disruptions planned across south Essex

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