Don’t park that idea: get the bus


Take the bus and let the driver do the parking for you

Parking the car can be a pain. Whether it’s queuing for hours in a multi-storey or driving round and round a car park only to be beaten to a space, it can be a real hassle. And even when you find a spot, you might return hours later only to have to squeeze into your seat as the car next to you is parked too close for comfort.

That’s why it’s worth considering other ways to get around. For instance, getting the bus to work means you don’t have to worry about parking up at the end of your journey. You can just hop off and get on with your day without the hassle. There are 700 bus stops in Southend, so there’ll always be one just a few minutes’ walk away. Even that short stroll provides a great opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise at the beginning of your day.

You can check for up-to-date timetables and ticket information with south Essex’s local bus service providers – Arriva, First, Stephensons and Ensignbus – or via Traveline. They’re constantly updating routes and times to give you a better service.

Travelling by bus is also great for saving a few pennies on parking and petrol. Check out some brilliant money-saving options, like the Octopus ticket, or see if you’re eligible for a bus pass.

So, leave the parallel parking to someone else, and get straight to where you need to go instead.

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