Be Moved – Both Physically and Emotionally



We’ve all been there. Someone asks you about a film you know you really should have seen by now, so you mumble awkwardly and pretend you’ve watched it. Or worse, you missed the latest episode of the TV show everyone’s talking about in the office, or didn’t catch that Netflix boxset all your colleagues have been bingeing on.


Swapping a car journey for public transport could get you back in the game. With smartphones and tablets, lots of people already check their emails and read the news on the go – and lots watch TV and films too. So, if you commute to work by train or bus, you could join them in making public transport your own mobile cinema. And, if you download an episode before you leave the house, you won’t even need to hammer your data.


Whether it’s a cult classic or the latest true crime documentary, why not be moved on the bus or train?

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