Bikeability: Which course is right for your child?

Published: 12/10/20


Do you think your little one could do with a boost in confidence when cycling? Or maybe they need to have that extra training to get them caught up with their peers?

Sign them up for a one-to-one bespoke Bikeability session to help them start or develop their cycling journey. Depending on age and confidence in riding, Bikeability has the right course for them.

Believe it or not, Bikeability is the only government recognised cycle training scheme! The instructors that provide the training are all qualified Bikeability instructors, so the quality of cycle training is delivered to the highest standards.

Getting about by bike has many benefits for your children and the entire family. Cycling allows you to get your daily dose of exercise just by getting to where you need to go, in addition to reducing your family’s carbon footprint. In a time when a lot of us are at home more than usual, making time for activity is also crucial for keeping physical and mental health in peak condition.

Signing your child up for Bikeability means that you are preparing them to enjoy all of the amazing benefits of cycling. You’ll be making quicker, low cost and more efficient journeys as well as being able to go on fun rides with your family and friends, making memories that last a lifetime.

Here is a bit more information on what the different courses offer:

Learn to Ride session suitable for all ages

These sessions are available to children who want to learn to ride a bike and form a skill for life. From as young as 3 years old, you can sign your young one up for a bespoke, one-to-one session with an accredited instructor for 45 minutes. A Learn to Ride session is the perfect introduction to cycling and will enable children to prepare for higher levels of Bikeability courses.

Level 1 Bikeability

If your youngster has just started riding and needs extra support, we would suggest completing the first level of Bikeability training. This is suitable for children aged six and above that can ride their bike unaided (no stabilisers). This one-hour course builds on the child’s basic cycling skills and prepares them for cycling on the road.

Level 2 Bikeability

If your child is 10 years and above and looking to go on a simple journey on the road, then Level 2 is the course you are looking for. This two-hour session covers skills such as starting and stopping a journey, passing parked vehicles, road positioning and what to do at a T- junction.

Level 3 Bikeability

For the older kids who have already completed Level 2 and wish to learn more about cycling and be able to travel on busier roads including filter lanes, traffic lights and roundabouts, this is for them. These sessions also include route planning to enable riders to be able to prepare and complete a full journey independently.

For more information about what Bikeabilty can offer your family, check out their website:

ForwardMotion has a string of Bikeability sessions coming up this half term around the Southend area. To view details and book your child’s space, head to the events page. 

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