Five Tips for Overcoming Travel Anxiety

Published: 17/05/19


It’s no secret that changing how you travel could boost your mental health. However, for people who experience poor mental health, it can be tough to jump on a bicycle or use public transport to get to work, training or education. For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we have put together five tips to help:

  1. Plan your journey Make sure you know the different routes for your journey, and where the different stops are, so you can get off the bus, train or your bike if you’re feeling unwell. If you’d like someone to help you plan, we offer a Personal Travel Plan service which provides advice on the best routes for you to cycle, walk or reach your destination using public transport.
  2. Choose quieter routes and travel times Avoiding main roads and peak travel times reduces the amount of people you are surrounded by and gives you more space to travel. Cycling is a great way to find new routes around town, short cuts and scenic views away from the main roads.
  3. Travel with a friend If possible, travel with a friend you feel safe with who understands your situation. If you’d like, ForwardMotion can set you up with a buddy to help you get confident on your first few bike or bus journeys.
  4. Distract yourself Read a book, listen to calming music or watch your favourite TV show when you’re on the bus or the train. This will help to keep your mind from overthinking a situation, and you may find the journey time passes a little quicker.
  5. Take the time Give yourself plenty of time to accommodate for any interruptions to your schedule. More importantly, don’t forget to take the time to congratulate yourself when you have completed your journey, or even for just giving it a go.

For more information about the services ForwardMotion provides to support people cycling, walking and using public transport, check out our website or email us at

* Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and is not a substitute for professional help for those who are experiencing poor mental health. If you’d like to find out about mental health services in your area, visit:

South East and Central Essex Mind


Alternatively talk to your GP.


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